Pay Down Calc (or PDC) is a privacy-focused loan and retirement calculator. The easiest way to learn PDC is to simply play with it. While doing so, rest-assured that your data is 100% safe -because it is not being saved. No data is sent to the server unless a share link is requested.

Mortgages & Loans

Pay Down Calc supports very complicated loan schedules. To get started, put in the basic information about your loan. Using original amount, currently owed, interest rate, and loan length, PDC will calculate your payment, schedule, and PMI (if desired) to the present day.

Once this info is placed, you will find your standard amortization schedule that you have probably seen many times before, though PDC's version looks nicer. PDC's real power comes in the next section: Extra-payments and refinance.

Extra Payments & Refinance

You may add any number of these events to your loan to see how much you save (or lose).

  • One-time - A single paymet (e.g. an inheritance)
  • Monthly - A monthly extra paymet. Very common way to steadily pay down a loan.
  • Annual - An annual paymet. (e.g. your yearly bonus)
  • Refinance - Got a better rate? Try a refi. Because of fees and stage of the loan, it is difficult to know if it'll save money. PDC can tell you.
  • Recast - Refi's little sister. Often pitched, but does it actualy help?

You may start and stop these extra payments if you expect your finances to change (such as big holiday spending or vacation). PDC will factor this in.

Retirement Forecasting

Pay Down Calc takes a unique approach to forcasting retirement. It uses a "big picture" approach. It asks for your age, retire age, income, expected savings, etc. From this it calculates how much you will save and can spend at retirement age.

Pay Down Calc then takes the calculation a step further. Life a bumpy ride. There is college, cars, bonuses, raises, losses, etc.

Life Events

There will be ups and downs on the road ot retirement, and some of these are actually expected. For example, you may know in 5 years you will need another car. That will impact your savings. You know in 12 years that the kid will want to go to college, and you want to be able to provide that. These expected expenses that PDC can factor in. On the other side, perhaps a better job is on the way or a large bonus. PDC can factor in extra income too. These are "Life Events", and they are...

  • One-time Expense - A single paymet (e.g. car or college)
  • One-time Income - A single one-time income (e.g. inheritance)
  • New Annual Expense - Perhaps you moved to a higher cost of living?
  • New Annual Income - Better job? You can adjust the income.

PDC can handle any number of life events to predict your retirement situation.


Pay Down Calc is a great tool for agents. You may draft a loan calculation or retirement forecast and save for later to send to clients. Perhaps you wish to show that your client actually can afford the new home or should sell the current one? Perhaps you want to show your client that a quick adjustment in the retirement savings can make a big differnece?

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Additional Help

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